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Is this programme suitable for me?

The Mindful Way is an 8 week programme to help you take control and manage your thoughts and behaviours and is helpful, but not limited to, managing depression, anxiety, negative thought processes and behaviours enabling you to enjoy the here and now.

If you have ever suffered the debilitating effects of stress, depression and anxiety, this programme is for you.

What will the programme cover?

There are 8 modules; a new module will be covered in each session (see below). You will also receive a  workbook and CD to use during the sessions, and at home



Week 1: Understanding automatic behaviours and responses 
Week 2: Another Way of Knowing
Week 3: Coming back to now – centring our thoughts
Week 4: Recognising Aversion - the need for things to be different
Week 5: Accepting things to be as they already are
Week 6: Understanding thoughts are just thoughts - not necessarily the truth
Week 7: Being kind to yourself
Week 8: From here onwards

What will a typical session involve?

As the programme progresses, each new module will build on the previous week. All the sessions will have a  flowing format and comprise of a mix of reflection, education and understanding, meditation, relaxation and movement (very gentle, seated if necessary - we're not talking advanced yoga). You will also need to do some further study/practice at home.

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